When we decided it was time to update our website, the first step was to look for the partner that will make your vision a reality. It just so happens that the perfect partner for CenBank turned out to be in our backyard here in Hutchinson Minnesota! The web design team at 8bitstudio have been phenomenal to work with throughout the entire process. From the time we sat down and looked through our previous site I knew that Matthew and his team would create something we would be proud to share with the online world. 

They were patient as we provided the information needed for them to build the site. They provided their tremendous expertise on layout, design, and function. Guiding us on many topics that never would have been on the radar. I am happy that we chose 8bitstudio for the design. 

We have an improved layout and simplify how you can learn more about CenBank and the products we offer at each of our locations. Functionality across all platforms has also improved, making it easier than ever to keep in touch with CenBank.

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