I am sure you have heard the phrase “Bigger is Better” many times throughout your life. But is it true? Especially when it comes to the bank you choose, I think the answer is no.  Community banks are cornerstones for the communities that they serve. Unlike the large national banks where you are nothing more than one number (or login) mixed among thousands of others, at CenBank we know you. And I don’t just mean your name.  We really KNOW you. We are your neighbors and friends. We volunteer next to you and see you on Sunday. We understand what our community is about.  Our local values and challenges are shared and we understand the importance of staying local. 

CenBank reinvests your local deposits into loans that strengthen main street and your neighborhood. We focus on helping businesses start and grow. We work with farmers each year to grow their crops and we are here to support youth activities year after year.  In a world where you can go anywhere at the click of a button, take a minute and check out your local CenBank. I think you will like what you find.

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